Here is a selection of the main materials that we use in multiple transformation techniques.

Shaping of a wide variety of metals and alloys: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, zinc alloy, etc. Traditional and sharp-edged bending, cutting (laser, waterjet, etc.), machining, engraving, punching, welding, boiler making, stamping, rolling, tapping, polishing, stamping, sintering, casting, etc.
Whatever the base material used, a specific treatment is necessary: lacquering, silver plating, chrome plating, gilding, nickel plating, bronze treatment, silver, brass, copper, powder coating, polishing, application of varnish (matt, satin, gloss, soft), brushing, microbeading, sandblasting, etc.
Shaping all types of varieties or reconstituted wood – MDF , oak, cherry, OSB… - solid woodwork such as the veneering, digital cutting, engraving, application of diverse assembly techniques, etc.
The art of wrapping all types of media with different coatings: leather, paper, synthetic, microfibre, etc.
Use of various categories of plastic material: Acrylic, PU, ABS, PVC, various polymers, resins, etc. Vacuum forming, Rotomoulding, vacuum moulding, stereolithography, digital cutting, folding, injection, polishing, engraving, machining, etc.
Treatment of different types of stone, marble, synthetic stones, terrazzo, slate, concrete, cement, etc.
Machining, counter bonding, honeycomb structure
Offset, digital and film printing, silkscreen printing, pad printing, lamination, hot stamping, embossing, etc.
The added value of Luxsense also resides in our capacity to develop complex projects requiring the use of special or innovative materials and techniques.

These implementations seek a balance between between craftwork - production of sculptures of pieces moulded in resin, glass fibre, plaster, etc. for example - and state-of-the-art technologies – production of animated decorations using sophisticated animation techniques, integration of diverse lighting, motorisation, etc.
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