Luxsense offers its customers an all encompassing service, starting with a study of the customer brief, continuing with technical development and production and ending with delivery of the design in the shops
We begin by immersing ourselves in the project submitted by our customer, undertaking a careful study of the brief and/or plans that are sent to us; our role at this stage being to understand the customer's visual intention, which we are responsible for turning into a viable reality.
Having identified the overall project, our added value is realised through the proposals for innovative original and aesthetics materials and special techniques in keeping with the spirit of the decoration or display, and in line with the DNA of the brand that has approached us.
Next comes the phase of preparing the technical plans, producing the 3-D files and, if appropriate, models that we then send to our various workshops and which act as the physical foundation for construction of the project.
The prototype, which is always constructed to scale and wherever possible in the final materials, enables the technical and visual viability of the concept to be confirmed. This key step, which sometimes requires going to and fro several times with our customer, highlights our know-how and our responsiveness.

The prototype, combined with the most competitive price, allows us to position ourselves during each call for tenders.
In order to go the extra mile in assisting their projects, we give our customers access to our material library, the heart of our premises.
For large and medium production series, our production is essentially carried out in the factories situated in China and supervised by our Hong Kong office. An internal team dedicated to quality control moves continuously around the production sites. With partnerships put in place over 10 years ago, Luxsense has developed a portfolio of specialised factories and workshops in the wide variety of fields connected with our activity: woodwork, metals, plastics, finishers, all types of surface treatment, special implementations, etc.
These long-term partnerships have allowed us to increase the range of different factories in order that they attain and even exceed the level of quality required by our customers.

Part of our production is also carried out in parallel in our French workshops, when small and medium production series are involved. Their often ancestral know-how and their proximity guarantee us optimum responsiveness accompanied by a very high quality of execution.
Once the prototype is approved, the project needs to be technically finalised down to the smallest detail ready for industrialisation. Once all the technical questions are resolved and the raw materials have been ordered, production can begin. The manufacture of a first in series enables us to ensure that the product conforms entirely to the prototype.
In anticipation of an order to restock a display element forming part of the permanent range of a Brand, we systematically preserve the first in series, in order to be able to refer to it again if necessary.
Following validation of the first in series, we pay particular attention to the design of custom packaging adapted to the specific characteristics of the product, in order that it arrives intact at its final destination.
The packaged product undergoes various crash tests, which test its solidity and strength. Wherever possible, the packaging will be produced from ecological materials (FSC certified cardboard, eco-quality Bull pack, PP adhesive tape).
Quality-control is carried out continuously by our dedicated team, be it for the production of decoration for an event or a permanent display, be it in Asia or Europe. In constant contact with the factory managers, our team approves each production step – raw material quality, conformity of the various parts constituting the product and of their assembly with respect to the first production, strength of the packaging, meeting of deadlines, etc.
The majority of our partner factories are regularly audited – either at the request of our customers or at our own request. Social audits, enabling among other things the obtaining of SA8000 certification, and environmental audits, commit the production site both to maintaining and improving the well-being of their employees as well as to controlling the impact of their activity on the environment and limiting sources of pollution as far as possible.
Each of our customers has their own logistics specification, which, Luxsense complies with to the letter.
As a function of the specifications, and in parallel to production, our logistics team puts in place the various steps enabling products to be optimally transported within the allotted deadlines and according to the Incoterms desired by our customer (Ex Works, CIF, DAP, DDP, etc.)

- Packaging, labelling, coding, placement on pallets or wooden crates treated to international standards (NIMP15)

- Compilation of the various shipping documents required: HS code, materials composition, certificates of origin, invoice certificates if required, all types of necessary declaration, etc.

- Establishing shipments: reserving flights or containers, scheduling appointments with the recipients (logistics centres, shop managers)
We provide tracking of all our shipments and are in constant contact with all the logistics partners up until delivery of the product.
If necessary, we are able to offer a temporary short-term storage service.
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